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We help companies identify new paths, evolve and succeed by creating powerful stories, identities and experiences, using creativity as a lever for change and for strategic business development.

HDG is an international company that plays a significant social, economic, and environmental role in the countries in which it operates. Our Executive Committee is committed to transparent and sustainable business practices across the entire group, respecting laws and regulations, and protecting the environment, animal welfare, and human rights.

Our Code of Ethics requires not only the group and its affiliates but also each supplier with whom we partner to adhere to our shared principles and conditions. The group follows an organizational model pursuant to Italy’s Decree 231/01, as the foundation of our ongoing initiative aimed at continually improving social and environmental performance.

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We developed a kpi system related to measuring and monitoring group performance from both strategic and economic perspectives.

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Customer satisfaction is what drives our business.

Over the past two years, we have seen significant positive feedback from companies that have chosen to work with us. The key figures in this context are the client managers, who are at the forefront of listening to the client and ensuring a perfect match between request and delivered output.

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