Challenging the rules
We have an innovative, unique and bold approach. We challenge established rules to provide creative, unconventional, future-oriented designs and strategies.

HDG Group - Company Group

The integration of our creative nature with the evolution of technology and trends allows us to constantly reason about the possible transformations of our service offerings.

What is certain, in fact, is that an unprecedented amount of energy and initiative is required to continue anticipating the trends and needs of the ever-changing communications market.

Integrated Agencies

Creativity, Design, Brand Advisory

Media, Production

Strategy, Communication


Taste Division

Digital Division

Strategy Division

HDG Group - HDG Epicenters
Our Network
  • New York
    Doing business as HDG
  • Milan, Venice
    100% Owned
  • Rome
    Active Partnership
  • Treviso
    100% Owned
  • Shanghai
    100% Owned
  • Dubai
    Active Partnership
  • Taipei

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